Meet the Chefs

Tracy Rose

Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort

Tracy Rose has been in Chef for 38 years. He’s worked in all variations of kitchens from fine dining, country clubs, corporate dining, to running multiple restaurants in the casino.

He is most recently become the Executive Chef at the CDA Casino in 2019, he was the Executive Sous Chef before that for 5 years. He has played a role in all of the restaurants out here from the buffet (before it closed due to Covid), deli, Twisted Earth, Red Tail, Chinook and opening of the new Little Dragon restaurant.

He also plays a huge roll behind the scene in the employee lounge, onsite bakery, DMO, Culinary Maintenance and prep team.

He has a degree from Scottsdale Culinary Institute.
He’s cooked for President Bush Sr. and lots of other famous actors and athletes in some of the places that he’s been the head Chef.

He loves horse racing. One thing most of the team members that have ever worked for Tracy will tell you is that he is very down to earth. He doesn’t cook for the recognition he cooks to please peoples palates. He brings our team together and he is respected by not only the back of house team but the front of house team as well.