Culinary Stone

We believe meals done properly provide nourishment for the soul.

The Culinary Stone is as much about discovering how to eat as it is discovering what to eat. We’ve poured our passion for living and eating well into a 5,500 square foot culinary playground modeled after the charm of an old-world outdoor market.

Explore specialty, hard-to-find foods from around the region and the world, including wine, cheese and artisan cured meats. Cultivate your skills in a cooking class. And treat your kitchen to a large selection of gadgets and supplies.

Our goal is to make gourmet part of your everyday. We can’t wait to share our passion for cooking with you.

Beginning in November 2013, The Culinary Stone was born into the idea that good food should be shared with those you love and that everyone is welcome at our table. The rest is history.

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