Meet the Chefs

Kadra Evans

Little Noodle

Hi there, let’s tell you a little bit about Little Noodle and itty-bitty Buddha. We are an Asian inspired restaurant that loves to take local ingredients and give them an Asain spin. We love to travel through all the Asian dishes and really be inspired by what they have to offer. We have classic dishes that we then find ways to incorporate local and prime flavors and give it our own LN touch. As the Chef I made it my mission to work for some of the top chefs in Spokane such as Travis Dickinson, Adam Hegstead and Long Nguyen who have molded me into what I am today. Long was the first chef owner to take me from the front of the house to the back. He inspired me to learn and love what I had now found as my new passion. The flavors he introduced me to were nothing I had ever known about and without him I would still be found behind the bar. Then I found the other two greats who each taught me different things, Adam’s restaurant Wandering Tabled showed me how to get creative and think outside the box and Travis well he inspires me daily to love what you do, how to be a great owner, how to turn basic items into works of art. They all showed me it was possible to move forward with my dream to open my own space in an area I loved but felt it needed to be elevated. I am proud of my little baby restaurant and am proud it has done so well that we just opened our little bar itty-bitty Buddha. Again inspired by our love for the Asian flavors we create lovely, creative cocktails made with our house infused Sake. We like to name our spaces small, but there is nothing small about our unique flavors.