Meet the Chefs

Tariq Rahman

Victory Burger

Chef Tariq Rahman is a Chicago native and part of the Tavolata Spokane opening team, before becoming Head Chef at Bosco Pasta and Panini which became Victory Burger earlier this year.

Chef Tariq graduated from WCI/Le Cordon Bleu with an AOS in Culinary Studies and Arts, and also has his Masters in Organizational Psychology. After school Tariq moved back to Chicago where he was a part of the Trotter Experience which included French and Italian cuisine training, plus Farm to Table concepts.

Collectively Chef Tariq has opened and or had his hand in opening 49 restaurants in the United States and overseas under Rahman’s Restaurant Consulting. Fusion food is his specialty.

Outside of work Chef Tariq is an avid martial artist and enjoys the outdoors and basketball. Chef Tariq is most excited about the interaction with the people attending Crave, and those looking for food that makes them feel good. It is also great to see the local and up and coming talent. Chef Tariq wants you to try his dish because it exemplifies what Victory Burger does best – taking local ingredients and combining them to elevate the burger experience.