Justin Klauba

I am a product of my environment and have no formal culinary training. I have worked for many well renowned chefs including – Alain Ducasse, Rick Moonen, Olivier De Saint Martin and Douglas Rodriguez. Currently, I previously was an Executive Sous Chef at Alexander’s Steakhouse in San Francisco working alongside Chef Marc Zimmerman. I have spent many years traveling throughout the world and different countries observing and absorbing knowledge from a wide variety cultures and types of cuisine.

My culinary influences come from many different angles – such as what is in season, the weather and my current location. My style of cuisine has evolved throughout the years from working with a broad spectrum of regional and ethnic foods – including but not limited to Classical French, Spanish, Mediterranean, Caribbean, South American and have now chosen to dive deep into Japanese influenced cuisine. I am passionate by putting the quality and integrity of every ingredient first before moving forward with a dish, whether it’s a rib of celery or an “A” grade lobe of Foie Gras; the food must be respected and embraced. I am no stranger to charity work and I hope that my food can influence others and be remembered by all for years to come. Ultimately, my goal is to create the best dish possible with intention of pleasing the guest to the best of my ability.

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