Alex Santos-Cucalon

Corporate Kitchen Manager at Thai Bamboo he is passionate and truly loves everything about food. What is the best aspect about cooking? There are so many. He enjoys the smell of the kitchen, not the grease on the side of the fryers, but the fresh picked thyme in the air, the shallots caramelizing in the back right of the stove, fresh chocolate chip cookies cooling in the bake shop, the fennel bulbs being broken down for a salad, and the raw scallops that he is cleaning. He enjoys the sounds, the rhythmic rotations of the dish washer, the pans clinking around while the new dish washer is figuring out how to put the pans away, the sear and sizzle of deglazing a pan, the walk-in doors closing and opening, the chop chop chop on a cutting board, the pider pader of shoes dragging across the ground , and the voices talking in the distance with the occasional shout. He enjoys the taste, the taste of the final product, each component working together but separate. The first initial burst of flavor drown out, with splashes of this and that and something he doesn’t know, pulling the taste buds from left to right. The warmth and buttery feel of each bite, not to rich, but just rich enough. Then that lingering taste that just speaks to me. He wants more.


And More!

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