Viljo Basso

Viljo attended Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon in 1996. As part of the program he was required to do an internship, he did his internship at Rover’s Restaurant in Seattle, WA. After the intership was over he was hired on and work at Rover’s for over 2 years. He also work briefly at Cascadia and Mashiko Japanese Café and Sushi Bar. He helped open and managed the kitchen at Saito’s Japanese Café and Sushi Bar.

In 2002 we moved back to CdA and he worked at Takara Japanese Café. In April of 2006 we opened Syringa Japanese Café & Sushi Bar. In 2010 he opened The Garnet Café, a breakfast place, located right behind Syringa on 4th street in CdA. In 2013 he sold the business. Last year in May he opened The Bluebird, A midtown eatery.