Dan Gonzalez

I grew up in Spokane and attended Ferris High School where I excelled at football, wrestling, and baseball. I was recruited to play football at the University of Washington, but i learned it was not something I was passionate about. My interest in cooking began when I was younger and would help my grandmother in the kitchen. My cooking style is largely influenced by this time. It makes me feel proud to be able to use her recipes and techniques. I studied at the Art Institute of Seattle earning a degree in Culinary Arts in 2003. I continued my studies abroad working in France, Italy, Spain, and Mexico. I worked and interned at several establishments in Seattle before taking a job as a private chef, where I was blessed with more travel and influenced by several knowledgeable chefs that i am extremely grateful for,  before moving back to Spokane to be closer to my family. I appreciate the community feeling that we have here. One of the most amazing things about being a chef is being able to see how even the simplest meal can bring people together. There is something special in knowing that I get to have a part in someone else’s memories and experiences. And I feel like Spokane amplifies that perfectly.